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Standing by for spring...

allthough winter didn't really took place.


we are looking forward to many nice events
in hopefully good weather,

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"the enthusiasts across the world"!



A little knowledge is a wonderful thing...

The real trouble with being the owner of something a little unusual – an early electric sewing machine, last year’s “latest” home computer, a valve radio, a hand-propelled typewriter, or in our case an AustinSeven, is how quickly you realise, how incredibly little you know about it and what keeps it working happily. One day, sometime, somewhere it may well get up and bite you.

By good fortune, and with the help of others, your

Austin Seven runs extraordinarily well.

But it's better not to totally rely on fortune, so here's your possibility to build or refresh your knowledge about all the bits and pieces, which makes your Seven running smooth...

The Seven is an enthusiast's car - A mechanic's car.

It can be truly be enjoyed by a driver

who has touched all it's bits and pieces.

The Seven begs that every nut and bolt be tightened, adjusted and caressed - a four-wheel delight.

Driving the Seven and being able to feel

all its parts working in harmony

is a sensual experience in motoring to be envied

by all who drive vehicles of lesser character.

Tip o' the hat to Doug Dexter



Looking for the last part of your project?

Or do you simply broke a bit, which can not be easily replaced by your local car part dealer (like 95% of Austin seven parts...)?

Then try to contact our cherished suppliers, all information needed you'll find by clicking on the adverts slide show on the right...

You are looking for a place to chat with other enthusiasts?

You want to become one and are looking for some startup help?

You want to share your experience with those, who really understand your feelings about your project "Austin Seven"?

Or you want to tell others about an Austin Seven event?

Whatever, visit our forum, register and become a part of a great community, sharing one "small" passion...