Pub No 617h Sept 31 and 924 June 32  

       Tourer and Two-seater   

Leather cloth Upholstery    Light Royal blue

Light Maroon                     Opal Blue


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Main colour chart 

Original  manufacturers 

Pub No 398 Nov 23 Full Austin Range 7's - 20's        Main colours

Pub No 617 and p.99 Service Journals Full Austin 7's - 20's Early 28       Colours

Pub No 674 Agents specification Book Early 29         Tourer    Saloon    Fabric Sportsman's Saloon           Coupe

Pub No 617h Sept 31 and 924 June 32                      Tourer    Saloon     Saloon Deluxe

Pub No 924c Dec 32                                                 Tourer    Saloon     Saloon Deluxe   Two Seater

Pub No 924d Oct 33 and No 924f Nov 33                Tourer    Saloon     Saloon Deluxe     Two Seater      Sports Two Seater

Pub No 924j Sept 34 No 1180 late 34 Sales Cat No 1212 late 34 Coloure'd Brochure       Ruby Saloon    Pearl Cabriolet

Colour mixes for pre 1928 colours ( Pram Hood Register Newsletter ) Colour mixes