1923 an attempt was made to produce a ‘Commercial Travelling Car’ but this was not a success and only two are thought to have >been made. In the same year a two-seater car in the style of a ‘Doctor’s Coupe’ was made but it did not go into production. A further development on the same theme came in 1924 and yet another in 1925. Twelve single-seater taxis were made and put on trial in London in 1925 but these were recalled later and converted into tourers.In October 1923 the first of the Austin Seven vans was produced with bodywork contracted out to Thomas Startin Ltd of Birmingham. From June 1924 a restyled Tourer<


1931 - 1932



A limited number of the.. Milk Delivery Cars were buift In about 1931-32 with suitably strengthened bodywork to take the load while also compensating for the large rear door. They doubled as two-seater tourer. but only three are thought to have survived.







1926 there was an Austin-made aluminium bodied saloon which later became known (but not officially) as the Top Hat saloon. produced a fabric bodied saloon later in 1927 and the saloons evolved through numerous modifications into that series with >pressed steel bodywork which we<






The Gordon England Cup model (1925.29) with fabric. covered plywood paneling. The body was designed by Gordon England but early examples or  believed to have been built by Weymann. Tim tabslebodled saloon beyond appears to be a 1928/30 Type BK, made and bodied by the Austin