Simon Hammond of Basingstoke writes:

   As a new member of the “Austin Seven Owners Club” I thought it would be nice to give some information on my Austin Seven.

   In 1997 I purchased an Austin Seven chassis with front and back axles and steering box.  The chassis number is 133012 which dates it to about 1931.

   Finances wouldn’t permit me to buy a complete car for restoration, so I opted for the method of collecting the correct components over a period of time to complete the car.

   I had no idea what sort of body was fitted to my chassis so I decided to have a look through Bryan Purves excellent A7 Source Book.

   I settled on the “Arrow Sports Foursome” bodywork which was in keeping with a 1931 short chassis.

   I was in touch with Martin Eyre from the 750 MC who in turn put me in touch with the late John Heath who was a superb coachbuilder and who was renowned for this Austin Seven coachwork.

   He eventually agreed to loan me his full size drawings for the Arrow Sports Foursome.  Unfortunately, the drawings were for the long wheelbase version but I was assured by John that with some careful thought it would be possible to adapt the long wheelbase drawings to fit my chassis.  

   The results of my efforts can be seen in the accompanying photos.

   I have managed to accumulate all the major components to complete my car and spend on average 8-12 hours a week ‘tinkering with my car’ as my wife likes to call it.

   The bodywork is a little more advanced that what the photos suggest with just the rear wooden wheel arches to complete before the body-frame can be clad in aluminium.

   I hope this article and photos are of interest and I must commend the Austin Seven Owners Club on a superb magazine.  It is just the tonic after doing a twelve hour night shift.”  



 "PS.  This is my first attempt at any sort of woodwork.”